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Sports in St. Lucia: Let’s All Listen!!

The word listen has the same letters as the word silent. And, one may argue that St. Lucians keep proving that they silence those who don’t listen. In the month of August, St. Lucia Sports online published a post on the current state of affairs between the government of St. Lucia and the then Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports Dr. Anthony George. At that point it seemed that the Ministry’s position on the contract of one who many regarded as a salient figure to the development of youth and sports on the island, was to allow that contract to expire and move on with the business of the people.

As such, in our last St. Lucia Sports Online poll we asked: Do you think that Dr. Anthony George should be officially appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports? Out of the 3742 people who responded to the pole question, 3180 persons were in favour of making Dr. George the official Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports. A whopping 85% of respondents. Only 6% of the persons who voted indicated that the government should hold true to their desire to move on from the sports administrator, the balance indicating they don’t know or did not care. In fact, the percentage of those who said they don’t know or did not care exceeded that of those who said no to this question.

You know, they say “Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to respond.” And we saw this with some of the written responses to this discourse. We now know that Dr. George was not offered the official post of P.S in the Ministry of Sports after he did his 6 month in the acting position, and then one month as an extension. The question for persons who are serious about sports development in St. Lucia is: “Is the three better than the one? Let’s keep thinking, because thinkers are good listeners as half the time you are thinking, you are actually listening!

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  1. You conducted a POLL (related to voting) not a pole (the run electricity wires on these.

  2. I know that something good will come out of that.

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