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West Indies Selectors not the Best Men for the Job?

Once upon a time, the job of a cricket selector used to be simple, or at simple enough. His job was to select the best team available.Today however, it is not that simple. Today the selectors are faced with the selection of three teams – Test, ODI, and T 20 and on top of that, the policy probably and definitely so in the West Indies seems to be select of the teams especially the Test team, not for today, but for the future.

The Selectors even in the West Indies, used to be men played the game, and played it well; men who knew the game, who can spot talent, whose judgement is first class, whose integrity is flawless, who can be depended on to make right and proper decisions, who will make them, regardless, and men who are respected.Today in the West Indies, the selectors are men who used to play the game but remembering that he who has been to war knows about war, not necessarily among the best who played the game, and in the West Indies, or so it appears, the Selectors are not necessarily among the best men for the job.

And like everywhere else, the Windies selectors are a law on to themselves, at least until they are removed.Browne, like many before him must be the eternal optimist if he is really pleased to announce the same side which performed poorly, while talking about character, young players, lessons learnt and about continued development when despite the conditions, the majority of the players undoubtedly failed in batting, bowling, and fielding.

Definitely Brown could now have been talking about players like Kyle Hope, who averaged 6.83 or Shane Dowrich who performed poorly behind the wicket and average 4.80 with the bat or Gabrriel, who continue to bowl no balls after no balls, or Jermaine Blackwood who continues to bat like a runaway train regardless of the situation. In addition bowlers, who could not bowl on the stumps, or the fielders who could not catch the ball.Definitely the selection is mind boggling to say the least.

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  1. C brown was one of those players in his time so he can relate. He dropped more catches behind the stamps than he gathered. He didn’t score much when batting but was pick again and again over riddly Jacobs who to me was a better pick.

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