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West Indies Cricket Board Faces ‘Abolute and Total Downfall’


The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) faces ‘abolute and total downfall’, so says former presidents and officials of the organisation. To stave off the impending doom, former presidents, Ken Gordon and Pat Rousseau, former Corporate Secretary Anthony Deyal, former director Charles Wilkin, former CEO Bruce Aanensen, and former Corporate Communications Officer Imran Khan, have called on CARICOM to conduct a forensic audit of the WICB.

The six have gone further to say that WICB president Dave Cameron has overseen an untouchable administration that will herald the demise of West Indies cricket. “We must reinforce the message that West Indies cricket belongs to the people of the West Indies, not to the WICB,” said Gordon. “It may be timely to call for a forensic audit of the organisation. We need to lift the clouded veil which now surrounds that body. Answers are required and this can be a first step to return to the transparency required of a body which is a major beneficiary of regional resources and private sponsorship,” he added.

According to the WICB president from 2006-2008, his opinions are part of a growing number of concerns from persons who have made their views on the way the organisation is being run, clear to him. “Many lovers of the game have said to me, ‘What can we do that would make a difference?’ The WICB seems to be untouchable. I say to them and to all cricket lovers who are concerned, let the call for a forensic audit be loud and clear. We need to save our cricket and this has to begin with getting the WICB right. It would be entirely legitimate for CARICOM to fund such an exercise and I urge that they consider doing so.”

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  1. It was about time. Personal vendettas and favoritism plagued this organization.

  2. Cameron and Browne is by far the WORST in all WICB executives. They need to be SENT HOME !

  3. i totally agree, who the hell is Dave Cameron an Courtney Brown. West Indies cricket dont belong to them an as proud lover of my west indian cricket, i firmly agree for a forensic audit into the WICB. Cause if this guys continue to be at the helm of our cricket i cant see our cricket getting anywhere. the best thing to be done now is to desolve the board.

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