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The O.B. Sadoo Sponsored Vieux Fort South Football Tournament

Saturday 17th June 2017

W. Mangue U 3-1 versus Vieux Fort Veterans
Goal Scorers for W. Mangue U:
#20 Sanjay Bastien in the 1st Minute
#9 Antonio Joseph – 10th Minute
#10 Delon Henry – 69th Minute
Goal Scorer for Vieux Fort South Veterans:
#10 Cheruebin Sonson in the 46th Minute
In the second encounter of the evening:
Uptown drew 2-2 with Stable Boys
Goal Scorers for Uptown:
#8 Tremain Paul in the 70th Minute
#17 Ravi Albert  – 44th Minute
Goal Scorers for Stable Boys:
# 10 Jardel Harrow (2 Goals)- in the 64th & 78th Minute
Sunday 18th June 2017:
Victory Eagles 2-1 versus Shambalah Shiloh
Goal Scorers for Victory Eagles:
#12 Bobby Emmanuel in the 3rd Minute
#14 Cassius Jones in the 79th Minute ( Brilliant Free Kick)
Goal Scorer for Shambalah Shiloh:
#12 Brent Mathurin in the 54th Minute
in the second Match of the Evening:
Knights Sports Club 1-0 over Platinum FC
Goal Scorer for Knights Sports Club:
# 17 Nikel Emmanuel in the 79th Minute.

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