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Tari Benoit Enjoys Veterans In Sports/Brian Lara Challenge Reward!

Veterans in Sports Inc. in collaboration with Sir Brian Lara stayed true to their promise to take one lucky patron to the grand final of the 2017 Hero Caribbean Premier League. The announcement of this initiative was made by the Prince of Port of Spain earlier this year, ahead of the first ever Veteran International Invitational Tournament held right here in Saint Lucia. The greatest batsman to have ever lived visited Saint Lucia, and brought along with him an all-expense paid trip to Trinidad for one individual to enjoy the historic final played at the stadium built in his honor. During the tournament attended by teams from Trinidad, Dominica and England, the living legend announced the Brian Lara Challenge. The winner of this award would be determined by who could hit the ball furthest. In fact, the winner of that prize would have to attempt to hit the ball further than the West Indian Legend!

In the end, no one was able to come close. Lara effortlessly hit balls out of the Daren Sammy Cricket Grounds showing that with timing, there is very little need for muscle in the gentleman’s game. Nevertheless, Lara then allowed the local lads to compete against each other and, as a result, national striker Noah “Lucky” Nicholas won the hit-off. Noah was followed closely by Tari Benoit who finished second in this challenge.
As fate would have it, Noah Lucky Nicholas was on football duties overseas when the final of the Caribbean Premier League came through. As a result, Tari Benoit took the flight over to Tarouba Trinidad. Tari enjoyed the final in front of a packed crowd in the company of Lucian football Legend Earl “Ball hog” Jean, Joma representative Wesley Webb, CEO of Veteran in Sports Alvin Malaykhan and of course, cricket legend Sir Brian Lara. Not bad for an ordinary local football fan!

Veterans living on!

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  1. Brian Lara is not Knighted…..he is Brian Lara.
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