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Super League Controversy: Was the Youth Team Robbed?

For some, the 2017 Vizions Super League final was considered to have ended in controversial fashion. For the thousands of fans who attended, many indicate that the penalty awarded to Canaries in the 78th minute was the incorrect call.

Many have indicated that the delay in which the referee made his decision proved his level of doubt that the defender indeed handled the ball. HTS sports gathered video footage of the call in question. Join us tonight at 8:30 pm for Sports Night, where we will replay the footage in slow motion so as to ascertain whether there was indeed an infringement.

The guests for the night show will be members of team Canaries and CEO of Vizions Edward “Didus” Fedee. 

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  1. When u have 2 of the best Referees in Lucia who was wrongly​ suspended from the super league what do u expect smh

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