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St. Lucia’s National Champion Andrew Norbert wins silver medal at OECS Cycling Championships

Andrew Norbert placed second at the 2017 92km OECS Road Race Championship.31 riders from 6 countries participated in the Championships consisting of 5 riders from St. Lucia consisting of Andrew Norbert, Kluivert Mitchel, Jessie Mentor, Winston Williams and Fidel Esnard.
The race started at about 9.00am in wet conditions  from Roseau to Portmouth and back. 
33km into the race on a 2.8km climb the race separated with a lead group of Andrew Norbert St. Lucia, Jymes Bridges of  Antigua, Zefal Bailey of St. Vincent, Tyron Thomas of Grenada.  this group stayed together until Portsmouth at 46km when Tyron punctured. Thomas was able to return to the leaders by 55km.  the leader continued until Zefal Bailey of St. Vincent started to lose ground, then it was Tyron Thomas Grenada , losing contact with the leaders  which consisted of Jymes Bridges and Andrew Norbert of St. Lucia by 65km.
Meanwhile at the back Marvin Spencer and Emmnuel Gayral Antigua of Antigua was closing in on Bailey and Thomas, whilst Jeffery Kelsick of Antigua was making a strong come back after a crash about 22km into the race with 17 year old  kluivert Mitchel St. Lucia, Zambezi Richardson Anguilla, and Tessimy Viechweg of Grenada a further two minutes behind.  The duo of Bridges and Norbert kept pressing on with 6km to go  Norbert driving the pace ahead going to the finish. 
It was 27 year old Jymes Bridges of Antugua  taking the sprint to win in 3hrs 00mins 29.30 seconds over Andrew Norbert in 3hrs.00mins 29.37seconds. over 4 minutes later Marvin Spencer Antigua came in 3rd followed by Jeffery Kelsick Antigua  4th, Emmanuel Gayral Antigua 5th and Tyron Thomas Grenada 6th place.
Later it was  17 year Old kluivert Mitchel who has to contend with stopping three times with his chain coming off came in 7th place in a bunch sprint consisting of Bailey St. Vincent , Viechweg Grenada and Richardson Anguilla.
Results 92km OECS Road Race Championship Doninica
1st   Jymes Bridges                         Antigua             3hrs.00mins 29.30 secs
2nd Andrew Norbert                     St. Lucia             3hyrs 00mins 29.37 secs
3rd  Marvin Spencer                      Antigua             at 4 minutes 20secs behind
4th  Jeffery Kelsick                          Antigua              at 4 minutes 47secs behind
5th  Emmanuel Gayral                   Antigua             at 8 minutes 55 secs behind
6th Tyron Thomas                          Grenada            at 9minutes 54 secs behind
7th Kluivert Mitchel                        St. Lucia            at 11 minutes 27 secs behind
8th Zambezi Richardson                 Angtuilla          at 11minutes 30 secs behind
9th  Zefal Bailey                                St. Vincent       at 11minutes 30secs behind
10th Tessimy Viechweg                   Grenada           at 11minutes 30secs behind.
11th Sherwin Osborne                    Anguilla            at 15minutes 11 secs behind
12th Enroy Lewis                              St. Vincent       at 18minutes 36 secs behind
13th Jessie Mentor                          St. Lucia           at 20minutes 25secs behind
14th Winston Williams                    St. Lucia           at 23minutes 17secs behind
17th Fidel Esnard                               St.Lucia            at 44minutes 02secs behind.

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