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Breaking News: St. Lucia’s Daren Sammy Confirmed as Captain of a Team In Bangladesh!


There is no shortage of global teams interested in picking St. Lucia’s Daren Sammy on their squad. The former West Indies captain, has been picked up by the Rajshahi Rockers to play in this year’s Bangladesh Premier League. The two time world cup champion who was recently dropped by the West Indies selectors, told St. Lucia Sports Online that he was “always confident that he would be called to play in this competition.”

St. Lucia Sports online can now confirm that not only will Sammy be playing for the Rockers, but he will captain the team. This comes as no surprise to St. Lucians and the rest of the world, as Sammy’s leadership has been further highlighted by the torrid performance by West Indies in T20s in his absence.

As a new team in the BPL, Rajshahi has confirmed that they want the most successful T20 captain in the games’s history to lead them through their first season. Some of the regional administrators in the sport, have already began to argue that Sammy should be returned as Captain of the West Indies team.

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  1. Sammy still better than most of them on the West Indies .

  2. Courtney brown and his men should be jail for committing such a woeful crime against the Caribbean cricketing public


  4. The stone that the builders refused …

  5. You have a president who can say things like Gayle can’t buy a run yet he’s still the WICB president

  6. That’s a complete and embarrassment for the West Indies and the cricket board, this is the free World, you can’t prevent anybody from expressing their opinions especially when they are right in the first place, what they don’t realize is St. Lucians are hard working from small with high intelegence and they are not afraid to express feelings so I know that will easily back fire, because you have just open, better opportunities, you didn’t recognize or appreciate great potential because of your little mind but the World will always jump on good talented young minds like the sensational Sammy without looking at where he come from, especially now to prove wrong, you need to bowed down, your head because you are fool……Tony Sonson Houston, Tx.

  7. A child of God,

  8. Sammy. If West Indies selectors call you back make them pay big bucks. Negotiate for all you want. If you want a manager for the negotiations, call me at no cost

    • I agree with you let them paying but the great Roland Holder is behind a lot of not having these guys paid well . He runny the show as he is a crook just like Dave

  9. when one door is closed many is open. Jah bless

  10. Looking forward to your success Sammy. West Indians need you back. God bless you my brother.

  11. Show them u moving on to higher hits good luck Sammy

  12. One man’s trash is another man treasure. Way to go Sammy let them see what they’re missing when their well rans dry

  13. Happy for you Sammy anything is possible

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