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St. Lucians: Unite Behind Sammy

Sammy Should Be treated better…

Since the announcement of his sacking, Daren Sammy has taken up his usual humble posture, throwing his support behind the new captain revealed to St. Lucia by St. Lucia Sports Online as Bajan all-rounder Carlos Brathwaite. Hundreds of St. Lucians have expressed their disdain for the suspected reason behind Sammy’s ousting, or behind the manner in which such a loyal servant of the regional game was discarded.

For many, the best course of action may be to boycott the up-coming international test match between the West Indies and India scheduled to be played in St. Lucia next week. However, how much impact would this have considering how accustomed we’ve become to seeing empty seats at test matches in the region.

The best course of action may be to have the antonym occur, albeit at the entrance of the newly named Daren Sammy Cricket Grounds, or along the circumference of the world-renowned stadium. If we as St. Lucians do decide to go in the stadium, it should be to reveal to the world that we are a people who stand against unfairness. Perhaps St. Lucians can finally unite behind a cause that is apolitical and bring along their placards and at the very least send a message to the rest of the world that we stand behind our nations hero!!

Protest Protest Protest!!

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  1. Sammy supporter #2

    Im with u guys all DA way boycott DA game

    • Are you all surprised at the board’s decision?
      Well I am not. From the moment Mr. Sammy dropped his bombshell I had foreseen his fate.

      There are ways and means of doing and saying things. Mr. Sammy needed to demonstrate class in his utterance.

      I personally believe that the international stage he chose to unvail his discontentment was not most appropriate.

      Guys but look at this the question that was posed him did not even warrant the type of feedback he gave.

      I mean we had just triumphed over our opponent to secure ourselves a much deserved victory and here comes Mr. Sammy with his dirty laundry.

      He could have kept the world in the celebration mood that he had contributed towards but NO, instead he felt strong chested to say the things he said.

      I think he could have used a different forum, or even a diffent time frame especially given that we had just secured a championship of that magnitude
      He could have arranged for a press conference to expose WICB and the teams grievances.

      Perhaps Mr. Sammy could have sharpened his speaking skills and articulate the team’s annoyances in this manner:
      “Well, this victory is a much needed one especially given all of the challenges we faced with.
      Things were not that bright for us but we were able to overlook our shortcomings to perform at our best today.
      I mean there lots of graved in house matters that brought hurdles in our way. But we didn’t let this things deter us . We were able to overlook these things to make ourselves and people proud”.

      You know someting like this rather than “mouth open story jump out” scene he created.

      Well he had said it himself. He knew that the board would come back at him. I heard him in one of his productions where he expressed to his team mates that he knows his mouth might put him in trouble. I don’t know when I will see you guys in a locker room again.

      Well my final point is this. One can have a valid point that deserves to be aired.
      But it’s how you choose to present your point at the end of the day that matters.

      “To every action there is always an opposite and equal reaction”.

      • Justice will prevail

        who feels it knows. You have just judged Sammy, you have no idea what he and the team have been through, and this may have been the only avenue to get them to listen to their concerns. Nice that you are able to write such eloquent speeches, and you know how to be politically correct. It’s not Sammy’s strongest area, and we all know that, so he did the best he could to be heard.

  2. Daren Sammy supporter

    Don’t worry about being outside. As long as there are people with placards they will be shown on TV. Spying your money to go inside is giving the board some of your money. If everyone stay outside they won’t be getting anything from your pockets. I just knew it would be a bajans for captaincy. Too much fight downs. The truth alway offends those in the wrong. It burns them like ten thousand megawatts of electricity. I won’t be able to be there in person but I’ll be there in spirit. Power to the people

  3. Inside will have a greater effect. They will have no choice but to show it. They can chose not to show Wats happening outside of the grounds. But if we are in the stands with our placards it must be seen. Saint Lucian’s unite!!

  4. Ok thats a gud idea to protest but not jus for cricket
    We should do it more often For all injustice done on this island.
    (Its tym we start getting wat we want and not wat they want to give us)

  5. If you can’t be inside then outside is great.

  6. Inside Is better. Against unfairness

  7. 100% agree to demonstrate

  8. concerned citizen

    Yes stay outside and demonstrate.

  9. I will b outside the stadium

  10. I in that respect to 758

  11. I agree, Test match is usually poorly attended. Lets demonstate outside the stadium

  12. Lucians stick together

    Point!!! Boycotting the games would say nothing…walking with placards inside of outside the grounds supporting our local hero would send out a greater message to the world…of this injustice

  13. Boy cot the games

  14. Am not going inside. Standing outside chanting Sammy’s name. I am hoping there will be a coordinated efforts. All lucians come but stay outside. Is time we stand up for something. That’s non sense!

  15. Very good idea ,we need to send a strong message to these ppl .

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