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St. Lucia Sports Online Blackheart Eleven

St. Lucia Sports Online Blackheart Eleven:


It is very difficult to select an eleven from a knockout competition such as Blackheart. Players such as Sheldon Emmanuel, Antonius Mayers, and Nehemiah Wilfred only had one game to show their metal. As a result,  the following players were considered by St. Lucia Sports Online to be the best players for the totality of this years exciting competition:

Goal Keeper

Quami Jones (Canaries)


Bradley Tisson(Canaries),

Rickson Augustin(Anse-La-Raye) ,

Sarn Savery (Vieux Fort South),

Melvin Doxilly (Gros-Islet)


Gregson President( (Vieux Fort South),

Jamil Joseph (Vieux Fort South), Captain

Djal Augustin (Anse-La-Raye)


Antonio Joseph(Vieux Fort South),

Troy Greenidge ( Gros-Islet),

Andrus Remy (Marchand)


Emmanuel Bellass

What do you think about this best eleven?

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  1. OK there is no doubt that savery is the best defender on the island and he definitely deserves to be on the team. I’ve been watching him and he is extremely talented but has a bad attitude you see they need him on the team so yes he is there dwayne is also talented yes they may have given him a card anyone can get a card that does not mean it’s fair. We Have all disagreed with calls made by the referees. I strongly believe dwayne should be on that team not a second in the game you won’t hear dwaynes name either a good run or a save so what’s the issue again. I won’t omit Charles . That 11 is not right at all.. Smh

  2. Both Jamil and dwayne loose their cool you omit one omit the other yes they tried him in different positions because he s a defender and he didnot perform they tried the other positions and he s didnot perform if you look closely Bernard edward aka Sadam to pull players away to make peace while he was still arguing as a captain if you’re measuring players on discipline I should be for all players. . It’s just preference it would have chosen dwayne instead of Jamil.. The red card dwayne got he didnot deserve it watching the game last night on winners TV proved that.. We know the guy was chosen because they know him.. Don’t chose a player for what he was common the guy no longer has speed. The ball control is not there and he has to work on discipline they all do so if you’re looking at discipline judge all not one because you prefer the other. Still not happy where is Myers he needs to be there

  3. The canaries keeper is the best keeper so stop being bias… He’s #1 n will always be… It doesn’t matter conceded or not … Performance is key

  4. Not good at all where is Jevic Myers Dwayne vino and kimlan you’ll need to rearrange that 11

  5. 1. I’m of the view that VFS GK did not conside and should be deh.
    2. The capt of Canaries had a dismal finals but all other games was on point, he should be included
    3. Jamil did not have an over the top tournament what is commendable in 4 games he played 3 different positions which is very commendable, I still feel CB is his best position, based on vercitility he should b deh
    4. Dwayne was one of the most outstanding players of the tournament, but got useless cards by loosing his cool to often, based on that premis I would omit him.

  6. What’s wrong with antonius Myers the guy no one could take their eyes off.. The one everyone spoke about to a point where they thought he was man of the match..what’s wrong with dwayne Charles to help San savery . To me a mid fielder should at least have speed ball control etc one mid fielder should not be there or is it because you guys know him we all know the guy didnot do well it was evident

  7. I would quicker choose jevic than jamil

  8. Dwayne Charles from Vieux Fort

  9. M routin for my keeper Vino BAclett … vfort south goal keeper

  10. That eleven is sooo not right how come a keeper who didn’t conside one goal in the tournament is off that team reallyyyyy !!!!Vino Barcelett VFS goal keeper need to be the keeper of this team

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