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St. Lucia Olympic Committee Announces: ” those who can get a podium finish will be selected!”

The St. Lucia Olympic Committee Inc. held a press briefing to discuss matters pertaining to sports developments among affiliates over the last year, while looking forward to further sports development in the year 2018. Speaking at the press briefing was general secretary of the Olympic Committee, Alfred Emmanuel. 

Mr. Emmanuel commenced by announcing that selection for the 2018 Commonwealth Games will be based on the athlete’s ability to make it to the final or obtain a podium finish.

In 2014, St. Lucia competed at the Commonwealth Games in Glasglow Scotland.  The games which were held from July 23rd to August 3rd, saw 36 persons selected from 6 sporting disciplines to represent St. Lucia. St. Lucia sent over 8 track and field athletes, with only Jeanelle Scheper and Levern Spencer having a performance of note. St. Lucia also sent over 4 boxers who did not advance. A Netball team which lost all five games, and two individuals in the Shooting event who did not advance. 

As a result, the announcement came with a round of applause from a member of the media. 

Mr. Emmanuel also went on to announced that all of St. Lucia will be informed of the selected individuals for the Games in the Gold Coast, when a subsequent press conference is called this February. The sporting disciplines of swimming, boxing and track and field are considered front runners in this vein, as about 20 members across all disciplines are currently in consideration.  

Mr. Emmanuel went on to answer questions from the media about possible selections. According to Mr. Emmanuel, though some individuals may have reached the qualifying standards for the international event, the time frame of this qualification must be considered. He went on to suggest that individuals who may have done so in the past, must ensure that standards are met recently.

Lets discuss: Do you believe that only persons that may medal or make the final, should be selected to go to the common wealth games??



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  1. All of you’ll taking rubbish. (1) start to get rid of the SLAA President, (2) ask for another minister for sports (3) time to make noise for the GOS, or boycott all sporting activities under the Ministry banner. Time to show them we the athletes are serious. Terry where you, you cold on this one.

  2. While I agree totally that we need to invest in our athletes and prepare them for these sports, I think the question posed was whether you should have a podium finish to qualify to represent St. Lucia. I think that I agree with that position. Let’s send our best out there and prepare the others for the next round of competition.

  3. This is tantamount to a parent buying no supplies for a child, providing no support and expecting the child to come in the top 3 for an exam…….
    It is only after you have provided all the necessities i.e. equipment, facilities, support etc. that you can sit back and expect that child to do well.

  4. I totally agree with the general Secretary. Too much money spending on these athletes and no returns..They have to work harder. They taking sports for a pastime, a walk in the park. Send those we believe will make us proud

    • Athletes have to be prepared. It takes money to prepare them. St. Lucia spends no money on the preparation of Athletes. Parents have to foot the bill all the time. These organisations just come in take athletes from where parents and coaches manage to bring them and expect results. We want to mimic Jamaica but Jamaica invests in their athletes. Preparation of athletes is very involved. You need nutritionists, coaches, personal trainers, physiotherapists etc. What is Saint Lucia doing to get world class athletes. Joy you are talking about too much money being spent, the money that SLOC has comes from the International Olympic Committee and other donor organisations. I get really upset when people who know nothing about sports speak nonsense.
      Saint Lucians only want to see medals but they have no idea what the process is of preparing athletes. Our athletes are doing damn good when I look at what they have to work with compared to other athletes from other countries.

      • I must agree with you writer. I am a parent of an octathlete and heptathlete. It takes alot. Much investment must be made. Good facilities. Nutritionist, physiotherapist, medication, etc. Give athletes a break and help them to be better in a positive manner. All was highlighted was athletes’ failures. Breaking ones self confidence.

      • I agree with you 100% and this has been my concern for a long time.. St Lucia doesn’t invest in athletes and expect world class results and if by chance one makes it with the help of their parents investment in training,gear or whatever it is .. then they on news taking praise… don’t expect Jamaica results when you can’t spend a quarter of your time focusing on sports

    • What money are you talking about? Who is spending the money? There is no investment by government, very little by corporate and SLOC into our athletes. How are they to improve performance when they are handcuffed financially?

    • Joy, please do not speak on subjects you have no knowledge of. As a Mother of an athlete I can tell you, that parents are the one spending on their athletes. Saint Lucia Ministry of Youth Development and sports don’t spend on training the athletes. Maybe the elite athletes like Sammy and Spencer, maybe?

      • I was an official in the 2015 Pan-am Games in Toronto, and from what I saw from Belrose and others, my heart goes out to St. Lucian athletes. She lived like a queen while the athletes were at the mercy of the Ontario and Canadian government. How the hell can anyone know when an athlete will medal. My son have medal-ed in University, High School and Elementary School games, but have also failed at all these levels. Should I have regrets for supporting him when he failed.

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