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St. Lucia Football Association Hosts Football Awards 2018

The St. Lucia Football Association 2018 National Football Awards Ceremony will be held on Saturday 10th February 2018 at the Palm Heaven Hotel, Gros Islet from 7.00 p.m. Awards will be presented to the Outstanding Football Players, Football Administrators, Coaches, Football Leagues and the Media.

Persons nominated for the Awards are:

Senior Female Footballer of the Year:

Elissa Marquis – Dennery

Marva Herman – Vieux Fort

Junior Female Footballer of the Year:

Thia Fowel – Gros Islet

Krysan St. Louis – Vieix Fort South

Junior Male Footballer of the Year:

Sebastien Ribot – Gros Islet

Rio Longville – Soufriere

Vino Barcelette – Vieux Fort South

Senior Male Footballer of the Year:

Vino Barcelette – Vieux Fort South

Troy Grenidge – Gros Islet

Administrator of the Year:

Shayne Paul – President, Gros Islet Football League

Emmanuel Bellas – President, Vieux Fort South Football League

League of the Year:

Vieux Fort South Football League

Gros Islet Football League

Coach of the Year:

Emmanuel Bellas – Vieux Fort South

Dermont  “Bingi” Monrose – Gros islet

100 persons are expected to attend the Awards Ceremony and will also pay homage to the Football Fraternity. The President of the St. Lucia Football Association Mr. Lyndon Cooper will address the Awards Ceremony.Presidents of the different Football Leagues and other invited guests will also be in attendance and congratulatory messages from CFU, CONCACAF and FIFA will be presented on the night of the Event.  

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  1. One who knows how things operates

    Apparently only two leagues sent in their information because only Mr Belasse and Shane I am seeing……these are the only administrators in *19 *affliations…. In the *19* affiliations how many are being represented or sent in their information. SLFA administration is a joke.

  2. What about the young coach who took northern United un19 team to the finals of the Spider Cup. A team which consisted of players from 13-17 year old. It was his first time coaching from what I heard

  3. Keep up the good works. SLFA.
    You’re doing your part, the League’s and the players have to show slate.

    • The leagues that not doing their job get ride of them, you can’t have an award ceremony with only 2 leagues having nominees when there are so many accomplished players, or change the criteria so that the player can nominate him/her self when they know thay have performed and are suitable candidates Nonsense

  4. Where you from.
    Well done SLFA.

  5. Really!!!!! SLFA???? WHATTT??? Out of the entire length and breadth of St Lucia that’s all the nominees you could come up with? Your only affiliates are Gros islet and VF? And where is Rio from? Which club does he play for.
    Crap alone! !!

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