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St. Clair Griffith also known as Griff, a Barbadian who adopted St. Lucia as his home land and greatly contributed to the development of sports in St. Lucia,  mainly by example and commitment. Griff was an outstanding cricketer and footballer, he served in the West Indies Batallion during the Second World War and was based in St. Lucia during the latter years of the great conflict.

Griff later returned to his native Barbados to join the police force. Even then he was an accomplished and renowned sportsman having played first division cricket for the Empire Sports Club of Barbados and represented that Country at Football.

In St. Lucia Griff played amongst the greatest batsmen like, C.D ‘Pats’ Barrow, Eglon Brathwaite, Hugh Crick, C.O.B Crick. all of whom represented St. Lucia in various regional competitions. The most outstanding was C.O.B Crick who was being considered for selection on the West Indies Cricket Team.

In 1954, Griff notched the highest ever club score of 144 against the St. Lucia Cricket Club out of a total score of 299. Griff was one of the top batsmen in the Windward Islands Cork Cup Competition, but unfortunately he never scored a century reaching totals of 96 and 98 in matches against Dominica. Griff represented the Windward Islands on several occasions and recalls the travail of having to travel to various islands by boat and having to play matches on the day of arrival.

Griff also represented St. Lucia and the Windward Islands as a fullback while playing football. Apart from playing the game, Griff was always keen to impart advice to up and coming sportsmen. He would take time off to point out faulty techniques and undertake special coaching sessions for cricketers and footballers alike. One of St. Lucia’s leading Footballers, Owen ‘ Coba’ Charles credits Griff with teaching him the slide tackle and other finer points of football. Even Against opposing teams, he would later meet the young Cricketers and point out to them any faults in their approach and strategy. St. Clair Griffith served St. Lucia player and coach advisor. He was truly an outstanding St. lucian Sports man!


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