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West Indies Players Forced to Deal with Inept WICB

pybus-1There is no end in sight for the continued unprofessional behaviour by administrators at the higher spectrum of West Indies cricket. It was thought then that the level of inefficacies within the WICB reached its apex during the T20 World Cup which was held in India. Reports from the dressing room of the West Indies team were that some of the basic needs of the players were not being met. At that time, the team was led by St. Lucia’s Daren Sammy, who rallied the troops to secure a second World Cup title.

Fast forward to the Pakistan tour which is being held in the United Arab Emirates. Reports are emanating from the dressing room that a number of unprecedented actions are being taken by the WICB to control proceedings in the UAE. Sources within the camp have revealed that the director of cricket Richard Pybus, who is the former Pakistan coach, has been running operations in the UAE from his office all the way in Antigua.  Pybus is said to be communicating his desires via emails and expects total compliance to his requests.

joel-garnerIn addition to this, reports are that the team’s physio-therapist has been identified as the chief implementer of the directions given by Pybus. CJ Clarke the Australian who was appointed physio since December 2007, is said to now have additional unofficial responsibilities beyond the physical fitness of the team. According to reports, Clarke as physio, functions on tour with a high level of impunity. Joel Garner who was appointed as team manager seem to have little influence on proceedings on tour. Clarke is said to be seating in on team selection meetings.

CJ Clarke is also said to be implementing coaching procedures for the team. Where else in world cricket does this happen? What is the point of paying a coaching staff on this tour if they are relegated to seating back and having little to no say on coaching matters as the physio takes control? What is the point of appointing a manager when all affairs are being managed overseas?

Selectors are also said to be riding on the West Indies team bus! As if this was not bad enough, reports are that the team has been advised that at this point in time, fitness is more important that results. Vway? Well, what else do you expect from a physio functioning as manager, coach and selector?

Gayle-Sammy-Bravo-In case you did not know, the West Indies team that pushed through all adversity in India to become triumphant was led by Daren Sammy. No doubt the motivator and manager on the field held the personalities together to secure ultimate victory despite the inept nature of the WICB. To think that just anyone can continue to achieve such a feat may be delusional!

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  1. Get rid of the entire board. Now

  2. When you have morons running your cricket what do you expect?

  3. I can’t believed this is really happening in West Indies Cricket in the UAE that Physiotherapist is in charged of West Indies Cricket ,dealing with coaching the Team and selecting the Team, Is this really True ?

  4. This is definitely a time of exposure….at all levels. Now that our eyes have been open and the blind can see, let us refuse to follow the blind.

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