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Save Our Fields: A Lurid Cry for the Sab Playing Facility!

It really is a sad day in local sports when a press release from a developmental league ends with this statement: 

“The competition takes a hiatus next week due to the unavailability of the SAB which is scheduled to host the entertainment event Pork Fest. Pending the availability of the field following the Pork Fest activities the Castries Football Council Youth League will hopefully resume on Saturday 21st October 2017

The press release in question which chronicled the performances of young players on the weekend, came from the Castries Football Council on Monday. This council has put on for the last couple year’s perhaps the biggest explosions of youth football on the island. Parents, along with young players from as early as 7 years and sometimes even younger, converge on the Sab Playing facility for a day of purely developmental football. On those days, children are off their computers, off the couches and most of all off the streets. 

We have spoken time and time again about the youth and the need to develop all aspects of our children. As such, should our parents really have to wake up on Saturday morning and tell our children there is no football today because the powers that be gave up their facility for a Pork Fest? 

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