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Playing Field Damages as a Result of Tropical Storm Matthew

20160929_131137The state of playing fields are high on the minds of sports lovers all around the island. Earlier during the week organizers of the 2016 Blackheart SLFA tournament rescheduled their second set of quarter-final matches for this Saturday at the Phillip Marcellin Grounds in Vieux-Fort.

20160929_141702The passage of Tropical Storm Matthew certainly provided the island with strong winds and rains. While most sporting facilities seem to be relatively unhinged, the roof of the Mabouya Valley playing field will definitely be in need of repair.

20160929_124336The playing surface which hosts some of the biggest tournaments on the island is also a cause for concern for residents. The ground which was resurfaced appears to also be in need of immediate attention.

IMG_3404Whats more, the La Resource Playing field has been rendered unavailable at nights. Due to an electrical issue, the field has been relegated to hosting matches before the sun goes down. Unfortunately for perhaps the most passionate sports community in St. Lucia, the passage of this storm does not bode well for their desire to enjoy their sporting events as they did in recent times. They may need to be patient to see sports at the level they have become accustomed to.

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