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Stars Game Five Special!

The Stars will be extending a special offer to all fans for the last home match tomorrow, August 15 at 6pm. All Grounds tickets will be only $10xcd and, in addition, all tickets purchased for Grounds stand will go to a local charity! We hope to close our final home …

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Finalist Decided in SLFA/Vieux-Fort South Promotional League

The finalist of the Vieux-Fort South/SLFA Promotional Competition was decided on Saturday night when the semi-finals were played at the Marcellin Grounds. In the first match, KNIGHTS came up against W. MANGUE U and it was the KNIGHTS custodian, National and Beach Soccer keeper, VINO BARCLETTE, who kept W.MANGUE U at bay.In …

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Bolt’s Farewell Spoiled by Cramp

Usain Bolt failed to complete the final race of his trailblazing career as cramp left him laying on the ground in the 4x100m relay final.It was far from the most fitting of farewells to the iconic Usain Bolt as he sustained cramp in his hamstring and failed to finish the IAAF …

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