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One Hundred Days of Head-Scratching Sports Administration at the Governmental Level



The current government of St. Lucia has made very little impact on sports development in Saint Lucia over the last hundred days. In fact, one may argue that the current administration has placed a strangle hold on the development of sports by making critical errors in administration. First and foremost, anything with three heads is a beast. A beast or a creature that would be in the most devastating of nightmares for many. Unfortunately, this is what sports has been brought down to. The way this present government functions is left to the interpretations of the citizenry. On the one hand, the argument is, the three selected ministers are given different departments to focus on. When the ills of such a move is brought up, the argument shifts to the suggestion that three ministers of sports are better than one. Yet, from all indications Edmund Estephane has been given the responsibility of Sports Development in St. Lucia. This begs the question, who in their right mind would give this move the thumbs up? Scratching my head!

The biggest error so far has been the misguided belief that Honourable Edmund Estephane can function as a Minister of Sports without the assistance of a Permanent Secretary as a technocrat. This of course brings this discussion to the mind-boggling move to not appoint Dr. Anthony George as Permanent Secretary in the department of Sports. This has been discussed by everyone in the sports fraternity. Though far from perfect, even those within the current administration agrees that Dr. George should have been Permanent Secretary beyond the hundred days. So, can this government get a passing grade in the first hundred days for not only placing Estephane in charge of Sports, but getting rid of the person that may have aiding him in developing sports in Saint Lucia? Scratching my head!

This is when one would hear dissenting voices screaming from the mountain top that the Ministry of Sports is being ran by three Ministers including Lenard Montoute and Fortuna Belrose. In actuality, informed individuals are aware that these three individuals are given different responsibilities via separate departments, and, as such, the responsibility for sports development in St. Lucia has been placed squarely on the shoulders of Edmund Estephane. The location of his office space at Blue Coral is testament to this fact.

There is still a huge part of Saint Lucia’s population, that are confused about how this ministry functions. The confusion throughout the nation on how exactly this ministry works is more than enough reason for this government to have a failing grade in their first hundred days. How could a seating government get a passing grade if most of the nation has no idea how the government is functioning? Most of the nation has no clear understanding of where they are going as there is still questions in some quarters on who is actually leading what.

And then there was the return of Levern Spencer to St. Lucia. When Daren Sammy returned to St. Lucia, the Prime Minister at that time met with the returning hero on the tarmac. Sammy was lead to the VIP area where members of the media, relatives and friends greeted him. There was a huge motorcade right there and then. Can anyone say that Spencer received anywhere near that level of treatment by this government. To date, we have not heard what this administration will be giving to Levern for her accomplishments. Certainly the $10,000 ec dollars that she earned by making it to the final cannot be enough for a Lucian who came in 6th in the world! Scratching my head!

For many, it would be only fair to allow more than one hundred days before criticizing a new administration. But, a hundred days was mentioned by the now Prime Minister many times during the silly season. As such, an objective individual would agree that with the announcement of three individuals as Ministers of Sports, with the ostracizing of Dr George and with the overall difference in modus operandi of this new administration, that at least a press conference with the three ministers would have been held within one hundred days. No press conference on sports development?  So, quick question: What is the function of the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Local Government?  If you are honest, you would admit that you just had an urge to Scratch Your Head Too!!



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