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Moto X Action on the Weekend

The St. Lucia Moto X Club held it’s 4th race of the 2016 Motocross Season on Sunday, 24th April, 2016.
Unfortunately, there were three riders out of the mix, due to injuries and bike problems.  Shaquille Jn. Marie and Daran Rosemond, two first place contenders in Class A were out with injuries and new rider Mac Thyrvaal Girard of Class B was unable to participate on race day, due to technical difficulties with his bike. DSC00224
This race turned out to be ‘The most exciting race of the season‘ thus far, as the riders of the various classes came out determined to give it their very best; with points leaders battling to hold their ground by maintaining their points lead and the other riders trying hard to win their races on race day, in order to bridge the gap and even surpass the current points leaders.
In the end, although all of the points leaders were victorious in retaining their lead, the battle was most definitely on, as the following riders came 1st overall on race day and the current points standing will show that in some classes, the 2nd place winners managed to get even closer in points to the 1st place winners on that day.

PeeWee Class:DSC00393

Shaan Cooper, on a Honda CR50, Bike N° 105.

Junior Class:

Rossi Mc Lean, on a Kawasaki KX65, Bike N° 46.

Class C:

Darren Auguste, on a Kawasaki KX65, Bike N° 777.

Class B

Tevin Calderon, on a Honda CRF250, Bike N° 27.

Class A:

Oswald Simon, on a Honda CRF250, 44.

The St. Lucia Moto X Club thanks the following sponsors for ‘Riding with the movement’ and making the 2016 Motocross Season a success:DSC00396
  • Albert Trucking,
  • Auberge Seraphine,
  • Blue Waters,
  • Cepal Holding,
  • Church’s Chicken,
  • Digicel,
  • FICS,
  • HTS,
  • IBAS Radio,
  • The Ice Factory,
  • J.E. Bergasse & company Ltd.,
  • Joe Knows Touring
  • KFC,
  • Kink Imprint,
  • Life Photography,
  • Monster Energy,
  • NAPA Auto Parts,
  • Sol EC,
  • Star Publishing Co.,
  • The Voice Publishing Co.,
  • Technical Support and Consultancy Services,
  • Tropical Photography,
  • Winners (TV) Sports Inc.,
  • Yamaha,
  • Zap International,
  • Zeby Howell.DSC00213

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