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Mon Repos Domino Masters Club  – 4 Hand Domino Rama.

Press Release    April 3, 2016

 There’s a domino fever in the air in 2016 – and all domino enthusiast are sure to catch it or be caught by it.  It’s not simply about bragging rights, nor is it about the slamming of one’s hands onto a table – no! This domino fever is about defending, yes, defending one’s ability to read the game and to grasp victory out of the jaws of defeat and defend one’s champion status in three (3) or five (5) games series – 18 games or 30 games – etch your name or be etched on, be a door mat or be a domino matador. This is the ultimate definition of the competitiveness. Over the past six (6) years this esteemed tournament hosted by the Mon Repos Domino Masters Club has delivered to all domino novice and masters.

The Mon Repos Domino Masters Club 4 hand domino Rama which usually takes place during the Lenten season and culminates on easter Monday, for strategic reasons this year, commenced a day after easter Monday. The hunger for dominoes was at its peak and we have responded.

This year the tournament schedule began from 29 March 2016 and will end with the grand finals on 2nd May 2016 . The format over the years has not changed.  There will be 16 venues, from Labaye in the north to Deruisseaux in the south in which two (2) players at each round will qualify for the May 2nd 2016 grand finals at the Mon Repos Community Centre.
The grand prize is as follows, first place $3000.00, Second place $1600.00, third place $1000.00 and fourth place $400.00.  For the past 5 years as well as this year, this prestigeous tournament has been sponsored by our committed platinum partner in the Ministry of Youth and Sports through the National Lotteries Authority, our sorphomore gold sponsor Peter and Company through the brands of Smirnoff vodka Smirnoff ice campari black and white whisky Mokaii,  silver sponsor the Mon Repos  Eastern Cooperative Credit Union, special community sponsor Mr. Herbert Roserie.


Mon Repos, Micoud –  Gaston’s Bar  29th March 2016, kick off time 7:30 pm  25 eagerly tense players registered to etch their names on the scroll of 32 to be called on May 2nd  2016 at the Mon Repos Community Center.  The first round at what can be described as a lion’s den was set to prove who will be called a door mat or a matador. The action began ruthless with many tables heading to 18 games to determine the first victors. “Only 2 will go” were the echoes fro the crowds when the final four to battle were seated. The names were dipped and pairs were seated – paring of final table were Conrad Gaston and Travis Charlery against Antoine James and Iker Lubin. With the exception of Iker, all three other gladiators had already tasted the grand finals.
Antoine and Iker drew first blood in the series #1 won (4-6) with the crowd chanting  “only 2 will go”, Series #2 saw a do or die strategy from Travis and Conrad  (6-3) win to ensure a real do or die Series #3 showdown. An epic final was inevitable , Travis and Conrad galloped steal the first 3 games leaving Antoine and Iker no choice but to throw in the kitchen sink to brutally win 4 straight games and the first lead of the night to set the crowd wild with thunderous chants of “only 2 will go”. Travis and Conrad were pale from disbelief miraculously leveled at 4-4 only to add fire to the fuel to Iker and Antoine’s kitchen sink mentality. Final score Iker and Antoine 6, Travis and Conrad 4.  The Matadors and the Doormats were decided and the first two names were etched onto the Scrolls destined for the May 2 Grand finals at the Mon Repos Community Center. The Matadors on the night each received $50.00 complements Gaston ‘ s Bar whilst “Door mats” lives to fight another day for 15 more rounds.


The Second round was held at Leoca’s Bar – Dennery on  31 March there 22 men  and 2 women (Gladiators) set to continue the fight started at Gaston’s bar or start one of their own.  The final Four  produced the best luck siblings  (twins in particualr) could ask for.” Homeboys” true Denneriarins pairing Kenny and Kenneth President twin brothers against (in every sense of the word) Neil Charlery from Mon Repos and Anthony Richard of Castries. The twins made easy picking of the first set winning 6-2. Neil and Anthony fought  tooth and nail  and limbs to win the Second set 5-6. The twins reloaded  with a rye smile to the roars from their home team – “Close shop, Close Shop”, and won the third set  in a testing 6-4 to become the second pair of “MATADORS” to qualify and etch their names on the Scrolls of the May Day finals hoping that the stars aling again to pair them up.  Each winner won $50.00 compliments Leoca’s Bar.

On Saturday April 2nd 2016 Bernadette’s Bar-( Ocean View) La Pointe, Mon Repos hosted a fisty  no nonsenseThird  round. Twenty-four (24) players registered on the night an like dry leaves falling off an off seasoned mango tree, so too were players being dispatched my the would be and “wanna be” “Matadors” and in some cases the “doormats” in competition vernacular.  The quick race to the final for table on the night for the “holy etching of names to the grand final on May 2nd 2016, saw Warn Augustin pairing with Gabriel Fontenelle against the pairing of Don Pierre and Marcus Martelly. Each  player knows the bitter sweet feeling of having played in a grand final but never the title of Champion. This “no nonsense” showdown was an all Mon Repos/La Pointe affair. “Two must go”!! rang our like the siren songs from the crowd as the first series began.  In a whooping “no nonsense” slam and it was already 6-1 to Warn and Gabriel.  A few deep breaths from Marcus and a bellow of “Come On”!!! from Don, the warrior cry was sounded and nerves were put to rest. Like a sudden shower of rain on a hot midday afternoon, Marcus and Don grabbed the second series 6-1 as a repayment to the loan of the first series. “Two Must Go,! Two Must Go!” was the chants from the pseudo Coliseum of spectators. The third round began with each team trading wins to the famous “Two must go” reminder from the euphoric crowd. Tied at 4-4  nerves were a matter of fact to be ignored not not underminded. Then it happened a miscalcualtion saw Don and Marcus capitalise to snatch a 5-4 lead over Warn and Gabriel.  Yes!!!! was the reflief from Don who never looked back play follow the leader to the tune of his partner’s dominoes to ensure a crushing 6-4 defeat was handed to Warn and Gabriel.  When the dust cleared it was visibile for everyone to see the “Matadors” and the “Doormats”. Finalist Don Pierre and Marcus Martelly the fith (5th) and sixth (6th) names to be etched on the scroll to be read out on May 2nd 2016.  The Winners (or Matadors) each received $50.00 compliments Bernadette’s (OceanView) Bar.

The Fourth round will be held at Benoit’s Bar  Sarrot/La Baye Gap, Bexon, on April 5th 2016 at 7:30 pm and on Thursday April 7th 2016 Johnno’s Bar & Grill, Ti Roche Micoud will host the fourth Round at 7:30 pm. Promptly.

Qualifying winners will each receive $50.00 as well as other giveaways on the Night.

Registration for the competition is $10.00 per round or $100 for 16 rounds. Registration is done on the night of each round. For More information visit our facebook page or contact Warn Agustin , Dave Charlery, Iker Lubin or Leslie Charlery.


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