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Local Activist- Why the SAB?

Attention. The use of the SAB in the past for activities other than sports had not gone well. While these promoters have utilized the facility to make thousands, based on information it is circumspect whether a cent has gone into returning the playing area to its original state, far less proper rehabilitation.With school sports and the Castries Football Council staging its Youth League and the SLFA Presidents Cup in action, safety of players using the SAB Facility must be of paramount importance.

Users, Clubs and Stakeholders have to voice their discontent at all levels and in addition use every medium to lament the lack of attention which is being paid to the quickly deteriorating facility. Indeed we must demand better from Government.There is talk about a Pork Festival scheduled for the weekend of October 14th at the SAB Playing Facility.I besieged the question- why the SAB ? Why during this busy period for youth development and sports?

Can’t another venue be identified to get the same results? The writer strongly suggest the grounds of the Old Fire Station with some minimal surface improvement or alternatively the Derek Walcott Square.But in the interium I beseech you please give the youth marginal or not an opportunity in this fragile and circumspect environment. Do away with the overzealous lip service being procrastinated about caring, youth development and the on going plight of illegal criminal activity. Fellow Brethren the time to act is now.

Indeed there are plenty of knowledgeable personnel in respect to the subject of Venue Management, and Rehabilitation. Damn Stop the politics and use them wisely.

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