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  1. I have been hearing and reading many of the comments made on this matter. I have yet to hear or read a comment which refers to the person’s being addressed in this letter. My question is this… Who is this letter addressed to? What group of people? Do we read? The letter was addressed to “Pastors, Elders, Communication Secretaries, Churches…. To Be Read To The Churches”… Many are under the impression that this letter was addressed to the general public (judging from the comments). It was NOT! Morris was clearly speaking to SDA parents and youth. This letter was sent via email from the Mission of SDA to church emails! If it was meant for St Lucian youth telling them to boycott the games then the pastor would have addressed it to “St. Lucian’s”. Come on people! Morris was asking young Adventists‚Äč to stay firm in what they believe is truth! I don’t see any error there!

    • yes. not when he spoke to an arm of the state and state fail to give in to him. unless he was not aware that no Adventist participate in any sporting activity on the Sabbath, or before sunset.

      if he says the intention was not to the country but to his church. good for him.

  2. I love the position taken on this matter by the SDA, but Urbaldus Raymond is part of this same congregation and the church is quiet about his nude photos…. Not a word not a word not a word!

  3. I strongly agree with the letter. It is right to plead your grievances if something affects you. It is also the choice of the school sports authority to move the day to whenever they wish.
    Christian youth who are faithful to the God of the bible will count all things but loss to serve God alone and not man.

  4. Isn’t Darren Sammy a Seventh day Adventist? Have you asked him not to play cricket on a Saturday? Well, let me tell you Pastors, had he not played on a Saturday, he’d not be where he is today! Lest I forget, preach about Ubaldus Raymond’s compromising photos.

  5. 1) The SDA church preaches against competition so shouldn’t they stay away from school sports competition in the first place?
    2) The SDA church preaches that they should be in the world but not of the world. Shouldn’t they be attending their own schools?
    3) If you attend secular schools shouldn’t you live up to the standards of the government school mandate?
    4) This letter above sounds like that of a bigot. For many years, the school system accommodated SDA church practices, now can the church not be so harsh when the school system wants to do things their own way?

  6. Son u wrong for that. U are asked to keep holy the sabbath day and also to model great citizens.u should ask ur your youth to be there ask ur congregationsto be there and support your youth in a most godly fashion. By showing your love and respect for authority. Praising the most high father as they compete. They are not working. They are showing off God given skills.
    Im not as versed in the bible as u but isnt it written that one of Gods prophets used to race the angels and wrestle them for sport…..?
    Either way its on u. U want to keep holy. Take church to the sports meet. God knows we dont support our sports enough. Ur numbers will be appreciated.

    Oh. Keep holy the sabbath day. Praise and pray thru all u do. Every single act.

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