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Kimani Melius for St. Lucia Stars?

Should West Indies under 19 opening batsman Kimani Melius be selected to be part of the Stars team this CPL season?  The Babonneau native is the same age as Shivnarine Chanderpaul, when he made his debut for Guyana in the regional game in 1991. Melius, the hard hitting batsman, had an impressive showing on his very first international tour in New Zealand. Kimani showed no fear as he took on some of the best on the world stage. Kimani hit two half centuries and was one of the top run scorers for the Windies team. What’s more, Melius showed the ability to garner runs quickly, as well as consolidate and have patient knocks.

President of the St. Lucia Cricket Association Julian Charles supports the prospect of Kimani being given this opportunity. “I think Kimani is one for the future, and any opportunity to rub shoulders with more experienced cricketers should be given consideration,” he said.

The draft for the 2018 Hero Caribbean Premier League will take place in London on March 1st 2018. During the draft, teams will select their lineups for the sixth edition of the tournament which will take place between August 8 and September 16, 2018. Over the years, teams have selected a number of young cricketers as part of their mentoring and development mandates. Since the World Cup, many in the sub-region have suggested that the 17 year old should be given the opportunity to further develop his skills during the biggest party in sports.

Let’s discuss this; do you think that Kimani Melius should be selected to be part of the Stars franchise this year?

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  1. Let a young n**** get paid

  2. Cricket Enthusiast

    I think he should be allowed to rub shoulders with experienced men regionally first. The issue with some of our youth cricketers is that they get pushed into the system too quick and too early when they are not quite matured and ready. They should be allowed to grow and develop properly first. I am not saying that he is not able. I believe he is but those big named players can be very intimidating. Also, if we are going based on World Cup performance we should be impartial and fair. Dominica is also a part of the Windward Islands. Alick Athanaze was the leading runs scorer of the world cup and he is a Dominican. Based on the reasoning given above shouldn’t he also be given a chance?

  3. Definitely he should be given a Chance

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