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Joanne Wilfred: Almost One Month Later: What are we doing?

Organisers in Jamaica will name the Most Valuable Player Award for the 2016 ISSA/Flow Super Cup Competition after recently deceased St George’s College footballer Dominic James. The 18-year-old James, a talented midfielder, collapsed during a match against Excelsior High School and subsequently died a couple of weeks ago. Carlo Redwood, Vice President of Marketing and Television, said “The idea behind the award was for us to pay recognition to young Dominic James in a special way.” The winner will also receive a scholarship worth J$100,000. The funeral service for James will be held at Jamaica College on October 8.

In light of Jame’s death, a press release from the island of Trinidad and Tobago indicated that steps were being taken to ensure that they don’t experience this tragedy. The Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) not only pledged support for its Jamaican counterparts in the wake of the tragic death, but held proactive strategic meetings to chatter a way forward.

Juxtapose this against the aftermath of the passing of one of the nations promising young athletes.  Joanne Wilfred passed away almost one month ago. As a sports fraternity we are still waiting to hear what decisions will be made to ensure that our children do not suffer the same fate. As a community, though Canaries are once again rising to football superiority in the 2016 Blackheart Tournament, persons are still asking at football games if St. Lucia Sports Online has any information, or comment from higher society on the way forward. The answer is no! The question is are Lucians really that quick to move on? The optimistic side of me says, that discussions are ongoing and that we will get more information on this sometime soon!!

Be patient St. Lucia!!


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