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Holder Defends Batting Unit – Says Windies have Improved

Captain Jason Holder has leapt to the defence of his batting unit, after West Indies slumped to a nine wicket defeat at Lord’s to concede the Three Test Series 2 – 1.He said he think a lot of the batsmen shaped up pretty well but unfortunately were unable to carry on. They got drawn in, trapped on the crease a lot of times and got taken across to off stump and then got out. It is something that happens to lots of people when they come to England and as a first tour for many of the players, he nevertheless thinks it is a hell of an achievement and a hell of a fight which they the batsmen put up.

Hopefully he said we can all learn from this experience as when the team tours New Zealand later this year the conditions and bowlers will be similar in nature. Hence when they visit it should be a good chance to take what they have learnt into the impending series.Holder further said that despite the ups and downs of the series, the young side had shown definite improvement. In critiquing each series we try to look for improvement and yes definitely there has been some improvement especially in the bowling, as there have been more consistency.Though the inexperienced batters are still finding their way there is still plenty oh hope and high expectations.

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