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Gros-Islet Football League

The north of the island has been blessed with some of the best footballers in St. Lucia’s sporting history. When one looks at the history of Gros-Islet football, one would gravitate towards the earlier teams such as Massade, Marina Strikers, Freedom Brothers and Marisule, as some of the dominant teams. Towards the end of the nineties, the previous Orion Track and Field Club headed by the likes of Lenard “Spider” Montoute and Lensey Joseph, made the transformation to the Cimpex Orion Football Team. This team, with administrators such as Jennifer Gaston, burst into the Gros-Islet and National scene, with names such as Raferty Noelien, Vad Daniel and Clyde “Bra” Henry. The latter, went on to be part of a new movement in the Grande-Rivere, Marisule and Corinth area, called Glass GMC. Bra as he is affectionately known went on to form a club in the Grande Riviere area called Domionators FC. Darran ” “Baba Ranks” Gaspard went on to take over GMC, who is now a force to recon with in Gros-Islet football.

cimpex orion

Cimpex Orion Football Team

Yet, since the early nineties, one team has dominated football in Gros-Islet and St. Lucia. One team has produced a sustained brand of football that has seen many youngsters grow into disciplined and respected men. Previously known as The Northern United all Stars, Super J Northern United was coached in the early days by Coach Parteco, who most give total credit for their current structure. The team went on to produce the likes of Elijah Joseph, Francis Lastic and Ricardo Greenidge, all of whom played for the national team and in the case of Lastic and Joseph, semi-professional football in Trinidad and Tobago. After that crop of footballers, Gros-Islet was able to boast of having perhaps one of the deadliest fullbacks in St. Lucia. From the small community of Caye Manje, John-Perry Joseph provided the team with a level of paste and fierce defense that won Northern United multiple Gros-Islet League and national titles. During that epoch, Northern United produced Kenwin “Dings” Mcphee, who like Perry was lightening fast, and clinical in his finishing.St. Lucia’s number one also came from Gros-Islet and Northern United. Giovanni Deterville grew up in the town of Gros-Islet and won many caps for St. Lucia in the region.

northern united champseverton lambert

Super J Northern United                                Everton “Sapleton” Lambert

The next generation would yield a lot more national footballers than in earlier times.  National mid-fielder, the ever calm cool and collected Everton “Sapleton” Lambert immediately comes to mind. Everton at that time partnered with Justin “Escobar” St. Clair, a small yet skillful and deadly striker. Escobar travelled many a times with Everton on National youth duties. Towards the Marina side of Gros-Islet came along a boss, Eden “Eve” Charles. Eve is perhaps the purest of football talent and ability on island. Though plagued by injuries Eden Charles is still one of the best wingers or strikers in St. Lucia right now. The second coming of Ricardo, his son, Troy Greenidge, has secured multiple caps for his country. The striker was recently named Gros-Islet Senior footballer of the year. In goal for both Northern United and St. Lucia at that time, was current physical education teacher of the Monchy Combined School, Randy “Two Chin” Poleon. The next generation of footballers such as Otev Lawrence and the Bisette Brothers are already taking the region by storm.

troy again

Troy Greenidge

 These names along with many, many more (Jean Gros-Islet don’t kill me for not having everyone here), all played in the Gros-Islet football league. The league has been in existence since the eighties and has passed through a number of administrators. The League is currently led by Mr. Shane Paul, who has been adjudged sports administrator of the year at the recently completed National sports Awards. Paul is ably assisted by Mr. Jack of all trades himself, Charde Desir, a man passionate about youth and sports development everywhere he goes. Hendrickson Charles seats in as Treasurer and Jennifer Gaston functions as Public Relations Officer. Though many teams are formed from time to time, the league currently has six affiliates namely: Super J Northern United, Glass GMC United, Dominators FC, Beausejour FC and Monchy.

gros islet blackheart champs

Black Heart Champs

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