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Free Kick Foundation Delivers Student-Athlete Awards

The Free Kick Foundation, on September 1, 2017, recognized four aspiring student athletes, during their 2017 Student Athlete award ceremony.  Each awardee received $500EC towards school books, $135EC towards uniforms, and school supplies (school bag, notebooks, stationery and a scientific calculator). The winners of the awards were Mervin St.Romain (Marchand), Edmund Phillipe (Soufriere), Hosea Mathurin (V Fort) and Gabriel Bisette (Gros Islet). 

Siobhan Lloyd, Vice President for Community Outreach had this to say about the program, “This is what the foundation is about – identifying and recognizing our student athletes, and ensuring them that their hard work is not in vain. Today for example, we honored a student who just represented St. Lucia with the Under 17 National team. It’s all about acknowledging these accomplishments and keeping our youth motivated.”

Rohan Lubon, Vice President for Education strategy also added ” This program is aligned with the foundation’s overall vision, which is to provide an alternative path for the student-athletes. The goal being that in the next two years or so, we will see two or maybe all of today’s recipients at our college player showcase.” 

The foundation was also able to award two recipients in Dominica as well. 

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