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Dr. Anthony George Fired???



Are plans afoot to place the best Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports in the Prime Minister’s Office, or Simply Get Rid of Him?

“The new government plans to reduce the number of permanent secretaries from 20 to between 8 and 10…“We are basically saying that we are not going to bring any new permanent secretaries in and we are going to wait for attrition…contracts to come to an end, people to retire…”

Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastenet

Dr. Anthony George was appointed permanent secretary in the Ministry of Youth Development and sports, after the post was vacated by one of the three current Ministers of Sport Fortuna Belrose. Since then, sports administrators and athletes around the island have spoken glaringly about the volume of work and commitment displayed by the acting Permanent Secretary. Dr. George has literally involved himself in every sporting area.ps athony From the waters of the Caribbean Sea to the heat of the Caribbean sun, Dr. George has developed strategic partnership with St. Lucia’s sailing fraternity to find more Stephanie Devaux-Lovels, while encouraging greater participation among the cricket fraternity to fill up stands in support of perhaps the most talented crop of young cricketers ‘Fair Helen’ as ever seen.

Many persons have asked the question; Does Dr. Anthony George have a family? Of course this question is being asked because the acting P.S has made it his duty to be present on the airport in support of a returning athlete at any given time of the day. Dr. George has made it his duty to be at every competitive final on island, night or day. Successful winning teams, or athletes who have represented St. Lucia with reasonable repute has been given the full treatment by Dr. George, in the hopes of reminding those hard working athletes that the government and the people of St. Lucia truly appreciate their efforts. DSC00603Should this man be relegated to an office job? Should this man’s contract not be renewed?

You know there is so much wisdom in the old axiom: “If you find a job you love, you never work a day in your life.” There is no doubt that Dr. George has been placed in a job that he loves. One of the few governmental decisions that can be said does not reflect a square peg being placed in a round hole. The work initiated with athletes that are said to be our burgeoning athletes on island has encouraged so many young persons to follow the steps of Levern Spencer and of course Daren Sammy. After all, being a former volleyball player, Dr. George knows all too well that sports require a dig, a set and a spike. A ‘dig’ to get the young athletes to cushion the speed of the challenging balls life may throw their way. A ‘set’ up from government that creates an environment to encourage athletes go for the ultimate prize. And a ‘spike’ that comes from the athlete that has risen to a level that has allowed them to hit the proverbial ball over the net of success.

So, I guess the ultimate question is: why is there a double block of an ill-advised campaign promise and apathy to what sports truly needs in St. Lucia. Why?  Someone tell me!


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  1. Let us not forget that the portfolio is youth and sports. While I comment Dr George’s commitment to the sports fraternity, what about the young people who are not involved in sports? Why isnt the same energy being given to those young persons who are involved in music and arts and science? Are they not important too? I understand that sports enthusiasts will be heartbbroken if he leaves, but he needs to diversify a little. Less than 50% of Saint Lucian youth take sports seriously by my estimation. The rest need just as much support.

  2. I am sure that wheresoever Dr. George may be placed, he will have Saint Lucia at heart. If he is removed from Sports and given another portfolio I encourage that it be one that will create a greater and more powerful dent and recognition in the Sporting arena and also one that will assist and encourage other PSs to be more inspiring and more involved in their respective Ministries.

  3. Its high time the government of st.lucia stop playing that colour game; efficiency should be the priority of the government regardless which administration forms the government. Dr.Anthony was one of the best ps and has worked . Lets work to build the productivity of this country and stop giving ppl positions based on their affliction. Dr. Anthony i am pleased with ur work thus far and continue being an inspiration to the youth.

  4. All St Lucians should have a say in what goes on. We elect governments to run our affairs. It is sad that St Lucians have not been allowed by successive governments to have their say in matters which affect them. The time for politics to be put aside is always ripe. We must endeavour to make it the time to change the way things are done. The government is never stronger than the electorate. Every change will require strong will. That will needs to be set in motion today.

  5. I agree, This title is so misleading It’s like those Youtube videos which are ‘click bait’. smh. This article was no what i expected it to be. Politics.

  6. To be honest, this article will do more harm than good to Dr George as it seems heavily politicized. We all know that the party hacks will jump on this and make it all about politics. Lets not forget that he is the brother of former Education Minister Robert Lewis. I agree, Dr George has been the most visible and effective PS in some time, and he has done some good work. But did the author think about the effects of such a misleading title to this article. I am sure by now that dozens of persons have contacted Dr George, and dozens more will stop him on the streets to ask about this. An article based solely on his achievements as PS would have made for fine reading, and the message would have been received loud and clear.
    Please try to refrain from deceptive journalism just for the sake of a few clicks.

  7. He is on contract, sometimes that happens when people are on contract. I agree with one of the other posters that the title is misleading; sensationalism.

  8. The title of this piece is an attention-grabber for any person interested in the management of youth/sports on the island, as well as anyone who nibbles at any political droppings related to the maneuverings of the new government. It has worked.

    One would expect, however, that the author would have delved into the actual details of the matter at hand, rather than leave the uninformed reader with a overall negative view of the government’s ‘decision’ with regard to the ‘Acting’ Permanent Secretary. Yes, ‘Acting’, SSO. I would of course expect that the author, who is so very involved in the sporting community, to know the standing of the Mr. George’s acting appointment. To produce an ‘article’ like this is very misleading, and would cause one to think that the the author is attempting to shed negative light on the new government. The author would wish to maintain political impartiality of this overall positive site.

    Also, by the author referencing all what Mr. George has done during his stint as Permanent Secretary, would one take it to mean that the contributions of prior Permanent Secretaries have not affected the trajectory of Saint Lucian youth and sports in any meaningful way? The author writes in a manner to allude that he or she has intimate knowledge of prior PS performances. It would make the commentary more balanced and more believable if a comparison of Mr. George’s attributes to his predecessors was presented so the reader could better formulate an opinion.

  9. Mr. George has been the most interactive P.S. that I have met I. The Department of Youth Development and Sports through my 9 years in the sport of athletics. I may be wrong but in his few months as P.S. he has changed the way we; this generation of athletes, see the role of the Permanent Secretary. He has proven that the other P.S’s that have worked in the department have done almost Nothing to encourage, Inspire or to motivate younger developing athletes to continue their hard work and that it doesn’t go unnoticed.
    Dr. Anthony is by far the best that has happened to this department and I will be heartbroken along with so many other athletes whom he has directly impacted on their lives. He is someone who indeed has the sports of Saint Lucia at heart and by that I mean in every aspect. If he is removed from the Department or should I say relieved of his duties as Permanent Secretary, there will be huge shoes to fit, fill and walk in in his absence. I will never support this, for he has been a God sent to the athletes of my country Saint Lucia.

  10. I beg to suggest that Dr George is a man of service of people and he would have excelled in any such job that requires and involves the service of Saint Lucians. But yes, he does have a passion for young people and their development. It would be ashame if this shift were to come to pass but in many respects sadly not surprising…

  11. Why is the title so misleading?

    • its a question

      • Even though its a question, the writing is heavily slanted. More so. Its based on 1 statement the PM made. Assumptions and jumping to conclusions. Trying to instill anger when really theres nothing to be angry about.. Come on.

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