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Domino Action: Edward and Richard tops Charles and Henry

Press Release: The domino fever continued with Round four (4) on Tuesday, April 5th 2016 at 7:30pm  at Benoit’s Bar  Sarrot/La Baye Gap, Bexon.  Thirty (30) hopeful participants registered on the night in an attempt to etch his or her name on the coveted scroll of finalist for the May 2nd grand Finals to at the Mon Repos Community Center.

In the customary “no nonsense” battle mode of the players, the strong ones made victory seem easy against the “unfortunate” weak opponents. Thirty (30) turned to sixteen (16) then to eight (8) and finally the magic number four (4) – The lucky four as the crowd has baptized the final table.  “Two must go!” was the echoes from the crowd who sang the battle song all night preparing to crown the “Matadors” and to bury the “doormats”.

The final table saw the pairing of Thomas Edward& Archer Richard vsMarius Charles & Simon Henry.  Having already seen the first three rounds grind to three breath-taking series each, the same standards were expected of the fourth round in principle, or so one would think.

Encouraged by the “no nonsense” battle mode of the crowd and the contestant, Thomas and Archer grabbed the bull by the horns and shocked Simon and Marius with a stunning 6-2 win in the first series. The crowd, elated and awestruck, nervously awaited the commencement of the second series.  “Two must go! Two must go!” was the roar from the crowd cheering on their favorites.  Like a MayweathervsPacquiao fight, Thomas and Archer traded punch after punch with Simon and Marius, five! five! (5-5) Yelled the referee.  The crowd was off its feet with battle chants into an abrupt silence for game number 11 of series number two (2).  Concentration at its highest levels, no room for mistakes, everything and the kitchen sinks must be thrown into this game.  Ten-seconds resembled 10 mins, before Marius made what resulted in a very over analyzed play rather than opting for a simple subtle one.  As a result of this over analyzed play Thomas & Archer sighed a very heavy burden and inhaled a sweet smell of victory that marked the first clean sweep (6-2, 6-5) in the qualifiers finals thus far. “Matador! Matador!” was the chant from the crowd as another two etched their names on the coveted May 2nd Grand final Scroll.

The grand prize is as follows, first place $3000.00, Second place $1600.00, third place $1000.00 and fourth place $400.00.  For the past 5 years as well as this year, this prestigious tournament has been sponsored by our committed platinum partner in development the Ministry of Youth and Sports through the National Lotteries Authority, our sophomore gold sponsor Peter and Company through the brands of Smirnoff Vodka,Smirnoff ice, Campari, Black and White whisky; Mokaii, silver sponsor the Mon Repos Eastern Cooperative Credit Union, special community sponsor Mr. Herbert Roserie.


The Fith round will be held at  Johnno’s Bar & Grill, Ti Roche Micoudon April 7th 2016 at 7:30 pm.

Round Six on Saturday, April 9th 2016 at Valencia’s Bar, Micoudat 7:30 pm Promptly.

Qualifying winners will each receive $50.00 as well as other giveaways on the Night.

Registration for the competition is $10.00 per round or $100 for 16 rounds. Registration is done on the night of each round. For More information visit our facebook page or contact Warn Agustin, Dave Charlery, Iker Lubin or Leslie Charlery.

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