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Daren Sammy Sacked – “I Refused to Drop Johno”

Former West Indies Captain Daren Sammy has been asked to step down as captain of the St. Lucia Stars Franchise. Sammy who is one of only three players on the Stars roster to post a half century in this year’s version of the competition, expressed his dissatisfaction with the performance of his players during the Stars last post match interview. In an interview with St. Lucia Sports Online, Sammy explained that the owners of the team asked him to step down. “I was told by the owners of the franchise that with any business, when you are losing – the head has to go, and so they ask me to resign. ” Sammy went on to state: “I responded that I would not resign so they sacked me.”

When asked what contributed to the owners coming to this decision, Sammy explained: “they asked me to drop certain players and I refused to – like Johnson Charles and I will always stand by players I believe in. Charles went on to score a half century in the last match.”

Perhaps what is most shocking about all this, is the fact that Shane Watson has been named captain of the Franchise. Watson has been injured for most of the tour and has contributed very little with the bat and has shown no sign of taking up any role with the ball.

This brings many questions to mind. With the uncertainty that surrounded the franchise staying in St. Lucia this year, what does this development mean for the location of the franchise next year? Join the discussion. Do you believe the franchise will remain in St. Lucia next year? Do you think the owners made the right decision in sacking Sammy as captain of the Stars? Is Shane Watson a better option as captain? Is Daren Sammy to be blamed for the dismal performance of the team this year?

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  1. The firing of Sammy was ignorant and outrageous .It also demonstrates a profound lack of respect for a caribbean cricket icon.

  2. sammy one of the best player and u cant drop a captain in the middle of the season..who are the franchisee of the st lucia team?

  3. Saint Lucia Stars performance has been way below par. The captian must take some responsibility. I do agree with the owners as there were changes to be made. Sammy is a really good captian but his decisions of late have been poor. For example in the early days of the tournament he had Rakeem Cornwall and Jesse Ryder batting together. Two oversize guys who could’nt take quick singles and ended up facing too much dots which played a key part in the Team’s loss in that match. What happened to the fitness requirements? The owners did ask Sammy to step down and he refused. Therefore, the owners had every right to sack him. If i was the owner i too would’ve been frustrated.

  4. We should boycott cricket next year

  5. It’s very interesting that a lot of comments reflect the fact that if a team is not performing then the leaders should go. Sammy is one leader it is true but what of those leaders who selected the squad and obtained players like Watson who has been in terminal decline for at least 3 years and akmal who is a perennial malcontent and low effort player. Therein lies the danger of the franchise structure. Horrible owners like James Nolan of the Knicks and terribly run franchises like the Browns and the Jags and the Kings answer to no one. An owner can be as pathetic as he likes while the fan base, even if they vote with their pockets, bear the collective shame and disgust stemming from horrible ownership decisions.

  6. Sammy needs to take some blame for some of his bowling changes also over seas players haven’t come to the game in a big way yet. Even from good positions we lost, with the exception of shillinford our bowlers are inconsistent and all over the place, that has to fall on the coaching team. Even if we disagree with Sammy, it takes strength ang courage to stand for what u believe, so hats off to Captain Sammy

  7. Darren Sammy should not be blamed for the demise of the team. The foreign players were paid so much and they failed miserably. What have Shane Watson contributed to the Stars? He decides which match he should play.
    i am not surprized at this latest development because the franchise eyes is on Grenada. Who cares? St Lucia will Rise. Daren Sammy is a World Boss

  8. Sammy should have made a change in the batting line up from the second lost. Taylor should not b bowling outside the power play. Madness is doing the same thing and expect a different result.

  9. Our foreign based players did not perform and the MANAGEMENT of the FRANCHISE should see that instead of blaming the Captain. If you want to change the name of the FRANCHISE go ahead do so will that make a difference going forward? One must learn to accept defeat! Going to Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St Vincent, will not bring Victory….Stand Tall Daren and Johnson. They had to drop Akmal from the get Go as wicketkeeper and on the team,

  10. As in any professional sport when the team performs badly, reflects on the leadership of the team the same way when it does well. Sammy needs to take the responsiblity and stepdown as captain and make space for another captain. I am a big big fan of my boy Sammy but after this performance something has to change. If in the owners eyes johnson did not perform to expectation he has to go. And as captain these are the tough decisions that Sammy must make. If not he has to go. This is professional sports not some community sporting competition. Investors want to see value for their investment. And have the absolute right to ask for changes within the team. Sammy word to the wise….if there were no investors there would not be St. Lucia STARS. So put yourself in the investors shoes. Thank you

    • As a sports management consultant, I said at end of the first game that the white overseas players was not giving Sammy and support. It is hard for an Australian to play under a West Indian. Analysise the games played, Fletcher, Charles, Shillinford, Sammy Mayers all came through at one time or the other. What has the other players done in and of the games? Wicket keeping was awful. We had to use our best fielder to wicket keep. What has Watson done? Who gave away 20 runs from the 18th over when Sammy had us on the home stretch? I thank the owners for stepping forward but I think that they need to show us more respect. We are not selling our souls for the almighty $ right is right.

  11. How you expect a team to perform without good bowlers. That is their weakness. It was from the beginning of the franchise. Last year saw a better balance of players and they performed well. We cannot have a St. Lucian franchise with a foreigner as captain. Do what you must we stand with Daren.

  12. No Sammy no cricket. yall want to drop john when he has even proved he is better than akmal and watson. shame on yall loosers. i hope yall sack the name st.lucia too.

  13. Johnson Charles had to go a long time ago

  14. Sammy is not to be blamed for the poor performance of the team. He does not make the team. He cannot make players perform. When you’re given a crop of players that time and again give sub par performances what do you expect that one man to do?
    I don’t see that franchise staying in St Lucia and that will be a damn shame.
    Was Sammy the one who picked the players?
    Smh…sit there and try blaming one man for a TEAM’S performance. Smdh

    • Well now Sammy is gone , they have an excuse not to leave this franchise in St . Lucia … they might as well take their stupid team team and go . Cricket is not a one man’s show, it’s supposed to be a team effort . Watson, akmal, Ryder , not one of them has performed but is Sammy you guys want to blame . All the best Stars – chooops tun ….St Lucians … no more cricket here !!!☹️☹️☹️

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