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Local Activist- Why the SAB?

Attention. The use of the SAB in the past for activities other than sports had not gone well. While these promoters have utilized the facility to make thousands, based on information it is circumspect whether a cent has gone into returning the playing area to its original state, far less …

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Sports Activist out of Soufriere Speaks

Soufriere is currently preparing to participate in the 2017 Blackheart tournament and with two clubs from Soufriere currently on administrative suspension means that the team will be weakened considerably. According to the writer in his opinion the SLFA is taking to long to address the matter and hence it is …

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Building a Successful Team

Building a Successful Team(By Gilroy Ezi Hall) Kingsley SHALA Armstrong, Michael JAH YOUT Raymond, Victorine GAUCHET Weekes, John Duboulay/FIFA/Uptown- Defenders Winston PONSEE Thorpe, Angus RIGNEY Sexius, Gilroy WARD NINE Hall, TI John, Ti Goat – Midfielders Irvin BAR BOY Hippolyte, Earl BALL HOG Jean, ABRA –Strikers 3rd place Shell Caribbean Cup 1987 with …

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The Referee’s Decision is Not Always Final- By Gilroy Hall

Respect for authority and acceptance of decisions from so called “Higher Authorities” is well embroidered in the fabric of our colonial robe of management. We encouraged children to speak when spoken to, accept correction without question and accept the decision of a match official without the slightest hint of dissatisfaction. …

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No Policy, No Progress

Sports Development ……………No Policy, No Progress  (By Gilroy Ezi Hall) November 9, 2016 It is the year 2035 and St Lucia finally wins a gold medal in Fencing at the Olympics . St Lucia’s representative, Jean Claude Perineau is of St Lucian parentage and was born and raised in Paris …

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Joanne Wilfred: Almost One Month Later: What are we doing?

Organisers in Jamaica will name the Most Valuable Player Award for the 2016 ISSA/Flow Super Cup Competition after recently deceased St George’s College footballer Dominic James. The 18-year-old James, a talented midfielder, collapsed during a match against Excelsior High School and subsequently died a couple of weeks ago. Carlo Redwood, Vice President …

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