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Castries Mayor Pledges Support for Playing Fields

For the first time in its 50 year history the Castries Constituency Council has pledged support for the rehabilitation and maintenance of playing fields in Castries. This commitment was made by the newly appointed Mayor, Worship Peterson Francis, who continues to take on projects beneficial to improving the quality of life for Castries residents. On Tuesday November 14, 2017 the Mayor accompanied by his communications officer, Mr Jason Hullingseed, and organizers of the upcoming Mayor’s Cup Football Tournament, visited the Morne, Marchand, Mindoo Phillip Park, The Sab and La Clery Playing Fields where extensive work has been done through the input of the Castries Constituency Council. Especially pleasing to the Mayor was the trans formation of the La Clery and Morne Playing fields which according to him exceeded his expectations.

The Mayor was also briefed on works to be completed today,  Wednesday November 15, which include the completion of the cutting of the Mindoo Phillip Park and the top dressing of the Marchand and SAB playing fields. The Mayor’s continued support will include garbage disposal, transportation assistance to Sports St Lucia Inc. and any other service approved by the Castries Constituency Council Board. The deplorable state of playing fields have caused many an injury in several communities with the latest being a severe ankle injury to one of Soufriere’s bright football sparks just a few weeks ago. This gesture from the Mayor will truly enhance the quality of playing fields and a formal letter of commitment is expected to be sent to Sports St Lucia Inc by the end of this week. The Castries Constituency Council is currently celebrating its 50thanniversary.

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