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Caribbean Netball Championships Postponed

The Senior Caribbean Netball Championships that has been scheduled to run from August 19th  – 26th  has been postponed following the withdrawal of Barbados, and Grenada and as well Jamaica.Jamaica was notified of the postponement of the tournament a day after the board of Netball Jamaica decided to withdraw from the tournament because there would be little benefit to the country’s netball programme and there would be the potential loss of ranking points for the Sunshine girls currently ranked fourth in the world.The board of directors voted unanimously to withdraw Jamaica’s entry from the Senior Caribbean Champion made on a presentation made by the Coaching Committee. It looked at possible outcomes to be derived since for the first time the Championship was being classified as a ranking one.

The tournament would now involve teams that have not attained rating points and teams that currently hold less than 100 points. Consultations were also held with the Technical Committee of Netball Jamaica.The report revealed that, assuming Jamaica wins every match played during the reformatted Championship, on its conclusion the country could lose five rating points which mathematically results in a rating of 144 in comparison of their current rating of 149. This would effectively widen the gap between Jamaica and England who currently holds third place with a rating of 159,  in the world ranking to fifteen points, while at the same time narrow the difference in rating points between it and South Africa currently ranked at fifth from thirteen to eight. South Africa has a rating of 137.

Netball Jamaica said it remained committed to participate in regional friendly encounters for the purpose of regional ranking but reserve the right to determine when and against whom it competes for world ranking.According to Annette Becket experience Barbadian Administrator who posed the question Is it possible for a team to win games and lose rating points at the same time ? I don’t think so .Is Jamaica Board saying that it will be worst off in terms of in terms of its rating if it plays any country in the Caribbean? Am I missing something here?

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