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Build Up to Arc 2017: Lucky Lady Donates To Lucian Charity!

Sailors participating in the annual Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, bring along with them a number of ambitions when they get to St. Lucian shores. A sailing crew of eight ladies left Germany this month, with the ambition of making a charitable donation to St. Lucia’s Child Development and Guidance Center. Petra Pavlisin explained that after her previous experience with the ARC, she was motivated to do more for St. Lucians. According to Pavlisin, she was “impressed with the island on her first ARC, and searched for a charity she could have helped out.”

Petra explained that with the Atlantic crossing they are encouraging women to gain confidence, and do more than they could possibly believe is possible. The crew of “Lucky Lady” comprises of women between the ages of 25 and 64. The ARC is an international racing event. However, the ladies are not interested in crossing the Atlantic first, but are looking forward to seeing the lovely shores of the island and enjoying the company of their lovely people.

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