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Breaking News: Sports Caster Kenson Casimir Moves to DBS

St. Lucia’s Sports Media will be experiencing a shake up as of October 1st 2017. St. Lucia Sports Online’s very own Kenson Casimir has agreed to terms with St. Lucia’s most popular news agency Daher Broadcasting Services (DBS). According to Mr. Casimir, the move is in keeping with his desire to continue to progress in the area of Sports Broadcasting. As such, St. Lucia Sports Online will be partnering with the station to bring enthusiasts all the digital and television sports information. Casimir spent two years at Helen Television System, a stint he indicated was well spent and eye opening.

“I enjoyed my time with the news team at HTS. I will never forget my time with my brothers and sisters in the news room and especially enjoyed my conversations with Alison Kentish and Winston Springer Jr. I will always love and appreciate everyone at this institution. ”

In terms of radio, the popular sports caster will be working closely with Vybe Radio, to allow listeners to continue to join discussions on sports development in the morning. Casimir will bring along with him a Monday night local sports show called “758 Sports Talk,” which will commence from 8:00 pm.

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By Ryan Casimir


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  1. All the best. Change is Good when it is positive.

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