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Breaking News: Canaries Player Hospitalized!

Canaries winger Rashid Duncan may not make the trip to Grenada this week after being admitted to St. Judes Hospital on Wednesday night. The Canaries team was preparing for their champion of champions clash against Paradise FC this weekend at the Grenada National Stadium. Canaries booked their spot in this match up after winning the 2017 Vizion Super League. After being scolded by national striker David Henry for not training after their devastating defeat to Vieux Fort South in the Blackheart Knockout Tournament, the 2017 Vizions Champions were in training at the Canaries Playing Field yesterday evening.

The sports loving community has been excelling against all odds in the sporting discipline of football, despite not having proper playing facilities. Yet, the team will now be without one of their star players who played in New York earlier this year. The playing field has been in disrepair for while now, and, despite calls for the field to get the desired attention, the team continues to practice on this substandard surface. According to fellow player David Henry, “Rashid’s feet twisted in the opposite direction and is still out of place at St. Jude’s.” Asked what caused the injury, David confirmed that it was in fact the torrid condition of the playing field.

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  1. All playing fields have been in a sorry state over the past year. It’s as if there is no longer a sporting ministry

  2. They are using the field, bastardo! I suspect y’all can’t read! He was injured using the field! So because grassroot children play on their battered surface doesn’t mean one can’t get injured using them! Envaitay! Gorgor!

  3. Your name says it all, so why should people take you serious. You never mention what community your’re referring to in the first place.

    Wait on politicians. Its not the present nor the past that have the playing surface in that mess.

    • Can’t you read, you jackass! It did say which community! Moron! Labour government started the resurfacing of the field but the current government reneged on it! All other playing fields were completed except this one! Nincompoop!

  4. Grassroot children play on the bartered field every sunday… former nd present administrations never held down to their promises… bunch of tricksters

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