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Breaking News: Aruba Walks Out on Eventful Match-up Against Saint Lucia!

Aruba walked off the pitch with most of the members of the team in tears, after Saint Lucia led 2-nil in their second match of the 2017 CONCACAF Under 17 Qualifiers. 

Saint Lucia was absolutely dominating proceedings in this encounter when the coach of the Aruba national team was seen instructing his team to get off the field after just 80 minutes of football. With a player from Aruba injured on the field of play, many of the members of the team displayed a high level of emotion as they headed to their locker room.

From all indications the Aruban coaches complained about the calls on the field and the injuries to their players. Both teams worked assiduously throughout this game and the Arubans seemed to be on the receiving end of some of the fifty-fifty tackles. After nearly a ten minute break, and a stern threat of disciplinary action to the Aruban team by match officials, the team returned to the field of play.

“You need to lose with dignity,” said the match official as he addressed the team in their dug out, “whether the score is fifteen-nil or two-nil you have to complete the game.”

After this intervention by the CONCACAF official, the Aruba team returned on the pitch. No yellow cards were issued to the team nor the coaches for their actions. Within two minutes of the restart of play,  Vionce Weeks found the back of the net for Saint Lucia. It took another minute and a half for Saint Lucia to score their 4th through Britanya St. Prix and another minute for Krysan St. Louis to find the back of the net.

In the end Saint Lucia won this absolutely thrilling encounter 5-nil.  Earlier, group leaders Bermuda also registered a 5-nil thrashing over Antigua. 

The question is: should the referee have issued a yellow card to the team or the coaching staff for their actions in this game?

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  1. Who reviewed the referees’ performance and what was the outcome? I believe the Aruban team may have a legitimate gripe while i also acknowledge the quality of play and skills displayed on the field left a lot to be desired.

  2. How is it the opponent’s fault If 2 players from the same team got injured after headbutting each other while trying to headbutt the ball? “Yellow card” This isn’t a lil league soccer match. You must tackle and expect to be tackled.

  3. Arubans shut up! do u not see how they guys play for world cup etc? football is a contact sport! why now only allyuh coming on fb talking about #9 why not speak up at the match!!
    SLU won idiots!!

  4. The coach told the players to walk out? He HAD a POINT! How is it possible that two Aruban players ended badly injured and are in hospital now? No knee, foot or arm injuries BUT because of HEAD INJURIES and BLACKOUTS afterwards! I have to say this is really a disgrace! SHAME ON THE ST. LUCIA COACH and TEAM for letting this aggressive act on the field.. Really disappointed also by the officials to let this sort of behavior go on instead of controlling the game! This ACT of ANIMAL on field is not acceptable, especially when it’s an Concacaf tournament!

    Fully support the coach on this one, these are still young GIRLS and shouldn’t be used as punching bags on field.. Poor girls are let with such an awfull experience out of this event!

  5. there is 4 official NO ONE SAW THAT PUNCH? i do not swallow that pill , i believed there was just a cover up or helping a team that needed point and acost of a weak team as Aruba, there is a lot to say cause its a shame for a selection come off a pich and 4 player to the hospital 1 i can understand but 4????

  6. Sportsmanship !! The art of being able to compete fairly … If we cannot teach this to our young ones on a field can you imagine what they will do in future life ? Get there by any means necessary even if it means secretly kicking down the opponent or the other “k” word !! No that is not how young people should be trained … The coaches are to be blamed … These kids imitate their behaviour and look to them for example … I know because I was a coach

  7. ⚽️ or ? Choose now. For their future in sport.

  8. more like Aruba saved their players from wrestlers on the field

  9. Tell the world what your players did punching the aruban girls, why don’t you mention that in your post?

  10. This should be a black day in girls football. This match was a disgrace for host country St Lucia. That match had nothing to do with football. Fair play had no place in the match. As a result of the slaughtering the team of St Lucia did, at least two of the aruban players ended up in the hospital last night.
    Nr 9 of the StLucia team punched her opponent and had the audacity to laugh her out while the medics were taking her on a stretcher to the ambulance.
    Yes you should always leave a match heads up win or loose, but that is when you played a professional fair play game. Unfortunately professionalism was not part of this match. It was all about knocking the opponent down as hard as possible. The co cacao stood there and did Nothing!!!! Words can not describe.

    • True true
      Thought no one saw the punch #9 elbowed the opponent. All that is part of football

      • Its a shame when you have to win like that because of a lack of quality. St lucia should send their girls to rugby it suits them better. They miss all qualities to play descent football.

  11. St.lucia
    current fifa world ranking
    average position since fifa world ranking creation

  12. I play sports and to my knowledge we never walk out until the game is over.loosing or winning.#YELLOWCARD.down by players or not.

  13. If they didnt have players to finish the game because of injury how could you give them a yellow card.

  14. I guess there was an understanding and so there was no need for a yellow card. It was a lesson well learnt.

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