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Breaking News: Accident at Corinth Secondary School Race

Yet another accident is recorded in the north of the island involving our nation’s youth. The incident occurred at about 9:00 am this morning along the Castries Gros-Islet highway. The incident is said to have occurred during the Corinth Secondary School 2018 Inter house road Race.  

According to eye witness reports, one of the students running late for the event, decided to join the race near St. James Club. In her haste to be part of the race, the student was said to have jumped off a bus, and ran across the road, where she came into contact with the vehicle.

Eye witnesses say, there was a huge scramble by some students to aid the fallen child, while many abandoned the race to head back to the school. Ambulance and police are on their way to deal with the situation.

St. Lucia Sports Online will be following this situation closely.

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  1. I Hope The Injuries Are Not Severe

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I believe you will be alright.

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