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Bravo to Sue West Indies Cricket Board for Unlawful Dismissal?


(The Guardian) West Indies batsman Darren Bravo has made a claim against the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) for unlawful dismissal from the team that was in Zimbabwe taking part in the tri-series.

Bravo was sent home by the on- tour management committee after he allegedly sent out an offensive Tweet against the president of the WICB, Dave Cameron, has sent a pre-action protocol letter to the WICB last week.

T&T Guardian understands that Bravo’s lawyer has made a claim that the WICB sent him home unlawfully from Zimbabwe and as such they have decided to take the matter to court. Bravo’s lawyer’s letter was received by the Board last week and it will meet on the way to treat with it.

The left-handed Bravo is alleged to have made the tweet in frustration after he was given a grade “C” retainer contract by the WICB for the next financial year. Bravo who is the team’s premier batsman was not in agreement with this and hence he did not accept the retainer.

The WICB explained the reason behind it saying that there was a formula which governed which grade of retainer the players get and hence Bravo only qualified for a “C” grade. Many former players and officials have remarked that the Board should also have taken into account the player’s value to the team as a senior batsman and not only a statistical formula.

In the tweet, Bravo was alleged to have referred to the WICB President as a “a big idiot.”

The player was later summoned by the tour committee which included manager Joel Garner and coaches Roddy Estwick and Henderson Springer. He was immediately sent home from the tour and further to that asked by cricket operations manager Richard Pybus to apologise and take down the Tweet.

No apology was forthcoming and the tweet remained. Since then Bravo has been meeting with his lawyer and his domestic club, Queen’s Park Cricket Club.

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