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Bravo, Gayle to endorse Indian condom brand Skore!!

West Indies star players Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo have been named as ambassadors for Indian condom brand Skore.

As a part of the deal the players will also re-create Bravo’s ‘Champion’ song as a part of the products promotional campaign.  Vishal Vyas the company’s head of marketing explained that the association with the players was in line with the company’s young and innovative brand imagery.

“We are thrilled by our latest association with Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo. This partnership launches our “Champion” line of products, an advanced range of condoms from the house of Skore. With Bravo and Gayle’s association, we now look at expanding our marketing efforts to cricket-loving youth,” Vyas said.

Interestingly the association between the company and cricketers sprang from a series of exchanges on social media, which saw the company challenge Bravo to re-create the Champion Song.  The all-rounder also expressed satisfaction with being associated with the brand.

“I’m very impressed with the image Skore has created for itself. Fun-loving yet responsible is a balance that is hard to achieve but one I firmly believe in. Everyone deserves to have some fun but it’s even more important to be responsible. That is what a real champion does. I’m excited to be able to encourage others to do just that by recreating Champion for Skore along with Chris.”

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