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Blackheart 2017: Why Vieux Fort South?

The 2017 Blackheart Knockout Competition is just five days away. The exciting competition will be hosting their press launch and grand draw tomorrow Wednesday 13th September 2017 at the Auberge Seraphine. It is at that draw Saint Lucians will be given a more accurate picture of who has the best chance of going through the rounds and winning this year’s highly coveted championship. Last week, Saint Lucia Sports Online released their power rankings of teams in this year’s cup. At number one was defending champions Vieux Fort South!  This prediction has lead some to ask the question why?

For many Vieux Fort did not have a good showing against Micoud last weekend in the Champions of Champions Cup. Former Treble winners Micoud defeated the defending champs in their back yard thanks to a brilliant free kick from Shane Paul. Yet, there is a reason three out of four sports media houses ranked Vieux Fort South number one on their power rankings. When one looks at the composition of the Vieux Fort South team, there is no doubt that this is the most talented and complete team in this years competition.Vieux Fort South may be the only team in this year’s competition that an argument can be made for almost every starting player to be on St. Lucia’s national team. Their goal keeper Leon Alexander is Blackheart’s current defending goal keeper of the year. National player Jamil Joseph has experience as much as any other player in this year’s competition in both attack and defense. Although some may ask why change a winning formula from last year to play Joseph in front, the reason may be their continued development and trust in Saint Lucia’s current Footballer of the Year Sarn Savery.The Young stud is considered to be one of the best defenders on island and much will depend on his level of play in this tournament.

In terms of attack, there is no doubt that Vieux Fort South has a combination of natural skill in front of goal and pure talent on the flanks. Antonius Myers, is perhaps one of  Saint Lucia’s most impressive attacking players on island. Along with Babonneau’s Tristan Pierre, Antonius stands out as having the ability to penetrate, cross and score on a regular basis. Yet, the link in all of Vieux Fort’s activities is their talisman Gregson President. In all top notch teams, the play in the middle of the field determines how the team functions. If “the President” functions as commander and chief, it will be curtains when prolific national striker Antonio Joseph is linked in the final third.  

The fact is football is played on the day. The beauty of Blackheart football is the fact that there lies a huge possibility that a team as talented as Vieux Fort comes out flat and gets out in the very first round. There is that possibility! But, on paper, and on the field the defending champs have past the eye test for almost anyone who has followed football closely over the last 16 months.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion!


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