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Blackheart 2017: Why not Canaries?

The 2017 Blackheart Knockout Competition is just one week away. The exciting competition will be hosting their press launch and grand draw this Wednesday 13th September 2017 at the Auberge Seraphine. It is at that draw Saint Lucians will be given a more accurate picture of who has the best chance of going through the rounds and winning this year’s highly coveted championship. Last week, Saint Lucia Sports Online release their power rankings of teams in this year’s cup. At number one was defending champions Vieux Fort South followed closely by Canaries. This prediction has lead many to write to Sports Online to ask the question why not Canaries? A lot of the assertions were directed to the fact that Canaries recently outclassed Vieux-Fort in the Semi final of another competition. In that competition David Henry ripped through the Vieux Fort defense to register perhaps the best attacking performance in recent times in local football.

National strikers David Henry (left) with Troy Greenidge (right)

So why not Canaries? Put simply, one name, David Henry! In the Sports Online analysis, Vieux Fort South was given 8.5 out of a possible 10, while Canaries was given 8.4. Micoud was graded 7 out of 10, while Babonnea was given 6 and Dennery 5. In the previous competition, a round robin format afforded Henry some games where he had average performances. This is not the case in a Blackheart competition where you snooze you lose. Canaries, has an absolutely outstanding team. The team with one of the smallest populations to chose from has a list of players that show up for every single game! Bradly Tisson immediately comes to mind. This talented defender leaves nothing to chance on the field. Quami Jones shows up to work at every game. Quami has a pair of hands and athletic abilities that is perhaps second to none. Dwayne Jn Baptiste, is another talent on the field for team Canaries. The maestro and leader on the pitch will give you everything! As such, the only question anyone who is a neutral would have is: will David Henry show up from the start of the whistle. If he does, then teams will be left bamboozled and confused as to what just hit them! Blackheart is coming, and every game will be decided on that particular day!


Lets Goooo!!


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