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Blackheart’s 2017 Media Power Rankings!


The highly anticipated media power rankings for this year’s SLFA/Blackheart Knockout tournament is finally here. Perhaps the most stunning listing came from David Pascal of the Star. The popular sports writer has three time champions Dennery as the most likely team to walk away with the trophy for the fourth time in the tournament’s history!  Dennery had a decent showing on the weekend as they made it to the semi-final round of the champion of champions tournament. The team from the east has a brilliant young Johnad Biscette in goal, national defender Sabbatus Hunte and Damian Edward in defence, and dangerous striker Ridel Stanislas up front. Perhaps most notable in the rankings is the fact that Vieux Fort South and Micoud,  feature on every list. Pascal is also the only writer who did not list Canaries among his top five teams.


Antony Debauville/ Voice News Paper:

  1. Vieux Fort South
  2. Micoud
  3. Babonneau
  4. Canaries
  5. Mabouya Valley

Tennyson Glasglow/ MBC Sports:

  1. Vieux Fort South
  2. Marchand
  3. Canaries
  4. Gros-Islet
  5. Micoud

Kenson Casimir/ St. Lucia Sports Online:

  1. Vieux Fort South
  2. Canaries
  3. Micoud
  4. Babonneau
  5. Dennery

David Pascal/ Star Publishing

  1. Dennery
  2. Babonneau
  3. Micoud
  4. Vieux-Fort South
  5. Gros-Islet

Join the conversation. Which of these rankings closely represent what you believe will occur this year? 

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  1. Vieux fort south will be lucky to get passed the first game this year

  2. if vieux fort south n dennery avoids each other in the semi finals, they will meet in the finals

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