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Best Slept With 650 Girl During his Career

Former West Indies fast bowler Tino Best has recently reveled in his prolific days as a cricketer, but it would appear most of it was not on the pitch. In his soon-to-be-released autobiography ‘Mind The Windows: My Story’, Best claims to have had sex with between 500 and 650 women during his whirlwind days on tour. “Everywhere I went as a cricketer, I’d talk to girls, date girls and sleep with girls.I reckon I’ve slept with anywhere between 500 and 650 girls, all around the world,” Best was quoted as saying in an excerpt from the book. tino 1

“I love girls – and girls love me. I reckon I’m the best-looking bald-headed guy in the world. I joke about being the black Brad Pitt!” The bowler, who was also known for his fiery temperament on the pitch, spared very little of the details of it, in the tell-all piece.  “Sometimes I’d take back four girls on one night! If that happened, I’d have to call one of the other lads for back-up to help me out.  “I wasn’t getting any play on the field in Australia – but I was at night Tino is quoted as saying.

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